„I stopped being nervous around people“

We resolved my nervousness that used to arise when talking in large groups of people. I also learned how to look and feel more confident through changes in my body language. I started to use some of the techniques in my daily life.

Jan Havlena, IT coach

„I learned to calm down any time“

When I am unfocused or stressed, I use the "calm-down gesture" and I get calm. I learnt to create emotions which I want to have, thanks to Jirka.

„My fear of darkness is gone“

I have known Jirka for years. Once, when we met in a cafe as friends, I mentioned that I was going through a difficult time after a break up and Jirka offered to help me. I agreed and I am happy I did - he helped me significantly.

A year later, I contacted Jirka again - I wanted to sort out two issues that were bothering me. The first one was my fear of darkness, the second was that I was feeling burnt out at work and struggled to find motivation and meaning in my job.

My fear disappeared at a subconscious level during a single session. I tested it later that day - a dark staircase that I used to avoid was no longer as scary as before. I stood there calmly with a smile, and even walked into the darkness. And I knew the paranoia was gone.

I feel good at my job today, even more so that I realized the direction I want to go in the long-term. Again, I owe this to Jirka.

What I like most about the sessions with Jirka is the focus on the solution, not the problem itself. That way, you achieve the results faster and you also develop a handy and versatile tool which you can use to solve many other problems.

The results come really quickly if you are open to this approach, which feels quite natural to me now.

Petr Žabka, IT consultant

„I overcame obstacles at work“

For a long time, I ran into business matters that I was unable to resolve efficiently. It negatively affected my entire company.

I worked with three other coaches before Jirka, but none worked very well and I didn't feel good after the sessions. So I was very skeptical and decided not to continue with any other coach and deal with my issues on my own instead.

But then I met Jirka.

We discovered that the goals I set with my previous coaches were not aligned with my needs. With Jirka, we set an appropriate goal that I felt good about. It was well-defined so that I could see tangible progress.

Our sessions brought me real results. I was able to make decisions about my company faster, more efficiently and according to my preferences.

I realized that it's all about mindset and your obstacles are very often only in our head. I managed to overcome most of my obstacles thanks to Jirka´s coaching.

You can see that Jirka is really passionate about coaching. He is an empathetic person and can connect well with you. It's fun to work with him. I highly recommend Jirka – he´s a sure bet.

I help people become the person they want to be.

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