How can increased self-confidence affect daily life?

“I stopped being nervous around people”

We resolved my nervousness that used to arise when talking in large groups of people. I also learned how to look and feel more confident through changes in my body language. I started to use some of the techniques in my daily life.

Jan Havlena, IT coach

“I learned to calm down any time”

When I become unfocused or stressed, I use the "calm-down gesture" to relax. I learned to create the emotions that I want to have, thanks to Jirka.

Tomáš Drdla, web developer

“My fear of darkness is gone"

My fear disappeared during a single session. I tested it later that day - a dark staircase that I used to avoid was no longer as scary as before. I stood there calmly with a smile, and even walked into the darkness. And I knew the paranoia was gone.

Petr Žabka, IT consultant

What approach do I use?


We don't dive too deep into your problems and your past. We work with the present and we determine the current problem.

I read between the lines and help you notice what you haven't noticed before.

Based on the power of your brain

We will employ the powers and skills of your brain that you usually don't use. You will learn to "switch" your emotions.

Moreover, we align your conscious and subconscious mind for long-term effect.

Using your inner resources

You already have the skills you need to solve the problem, but currently you are subconsciously using them in different areas.

We will find them and „move“ them where you need them.

… in the field of neuro-lingvistic programming (NLP), which I mainly use.
Everybody is different, that's why I work individually with everyone and don't have any universal "template".
I have been doing practical courses and workshops
for the public and in companies.

Shall we try it together?

Most clients experience significant changes after the first session.

This session takes about 60 minutes and it's free.

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